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Here is Top 3 Cryptocurrency Where you Have need to Invest Your Money, Convert Money into Personal Secure Assets.


Bitcoin : 

Bitcoin is a Decentralized Currency which we Called Cryptocurrency, We see this in internet only Mean you cannot touch or seeing it until you not withdrawing, you will be able to see Your Money Digits/Numbers/value.

Bitcoin was Established in 2009. Developer name was “Satoshi Nakamoto” and 1st Investor of Bitcoin Was Roger ver.

Bitcoin Work’s to generate Trillion’s of value and they solve all algorithms to use quantum computers which work on Blockchain base!

Peer to peer node js works!

Bitcoin value in 2009 : 0.03$ 

Bitcoin value in 2010 : 0.07$

Bitcoin value in 2011 : 17.77$ 

Bitcoin value in 2013 : 144.33$

Bitcoin value in 2014 : 619.07$

Bitcoin value in 2015 : 281.26$

Bitcoin value in 2016 : 726.36$

Bitcoin value in 2017 : 16,895.79$

Bitcoin system Running by Node & quantum computer.

Ethereum :

Ethereum is open source Money transection and money storing as assets Like Bitcoin, This is Block-chain based distributing platefoam featuring smart contract functionality. it provide decentralized turning complete virtual machine.

Release year : 2015

The Ethereum Viryual Machine (EVM)

Ethereum value in 2015 : 0.86$

Ethereum value in 2016 : 8.16$

Ethereum value in 2017 : 693.58$

Litecoin :

Lite coin is Peer to peer Connection Node js work, Lite coin system was developed in 2011, and this system was made for money transection, this is online money transfering open source platefoam, we can invest money here to increase and convert money into secure asset.

Release year : 2011

Litecoin symbol : LTC, Ł

Litecoin value in 2017 : 284.83$

Note : This all system was made only for Money transections, But Now they all storing Money as assets and everyday values are changing of all cryptocurrency. If you are investing Money then you are responsible. (But i can recommend you try to invest some money.)


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