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Where To Buy Website Hosting?

You ever had thought about this, and searching for good hosting in low prices.

You know what, the same thing i was searching in internet and i found almost 5 top rated high quality website hosting services, which may using some big websites. list of “website hosting in cheap price

What Is Hosting

website hosting in cheap price
website hosting in cheap price

Hosting mean in simple word storage. it allow our website to accessible via world wide web server. hosting services allow us to host our website and website data files and media’s like: videos, photos, zip files, php, html and all language’s to whom our websites are built.

Without hosting domain is nothing

Hosting Types-

  • Website hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Dedicated server
  • Reseller hosting
  • Custom hosting
  • Custom server

What Is VPS

website hosting in low price

Virtual private server (vps) also know as dedicated server. this is the board network of hosting if your website has lack of monthly visitors then you have need to buy VPS server for your websites, all Big websites using VPS (i.e. Forbes, entrepreneur, business insider and more) it’s working same like hosting but website hosting doesn’t support ton’s on visitor real-time but VPS does.


  • High volume support
  • Fast management
  • Custom changes
  • Plan changing option available

Website hosting in cheap price

Here i’m sharing to you best 5 hosting services which is top rated by user’s and they love this hosting services.

1. Bluehost 


I don’t have word’s for bluehost services because of brand, pricing is very low to others and hosting packages is really impressive. (Recommend). they has free SSL certificate or all users. and one click WordPress installation  you should install WordPress in one click.

Highly Recommend

  • Pricing start to $3.95/month and end $119.99/month. buy according to your usage.


  • One click wordpress installation
  • Money back gurentee
  • Live support
  • Fast servers
  • Custom plans

2.  Site Ground


I was using Reddit to find best sources of hosting and there almost people’s mention site ground because they all has good experience with site-ground hosting. it offering hosting services according to our usage and there is so many packages of web hosting,

  • Starting price $3.95/month to $729.00/month, small to big plan’s depend on our usage.


  • Low Prices
  • Top Rated by users
  • Fast server
  • High quality services
  • WordPress hosting in cheap prices

3. Royal Clouds


website hosting in cheap price

When it comes to buy hosting services in cheap prices then this one is really great. one click WordPress installation, live data usage, file manager, c-panel and everything is available in super low prices. also affiliate work is available to earn money with royal clouds.

  • Pricing start to $1.99/monthly and end at $400.00/month (recommend- Shared hosting and SSD VPS) !

Buy Now – 30% OFF Discount offer Code: RC30


  • Fast management
  • Live chat
  • One click installation
  • Super low prices
  • Discount deals
  • Affiliate earning

4. Hostgator 


This one is very old hosting services website in internet, they has powerful servers, hosting management and so many plan’s they selling website hosting in cheap prices. depend on our website usage and traffic volume. Linux hosting and windows also available.

Staring price $4 to $220 (depend on our usage) buy only shared Linux hosting.


  • Live chat
  • Powerful servers
  • High quality services
  • Low prices hosting
  • Custom plans

5. Hostingraja

website hosting in cheap price
website hosting in cheap price

Hosting raja is best website hosting services if you are from India. they has almost users from India and it becomes no.1 hosting company in India. so many hosting plans available in cheap rates.

Starting plans to $2.20 and end at $112.


  • Free migration
  • Fast cache
  • Free SSL
  • Optimized Control panel
  • Cheap pricing
  • live chat

website hosting in cheap price

Hope you guys like this low pricing website hosting list


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