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Google Search Console : this is tool finding website’s issue spelling mistake’s, website speed and overall data it crawling our website and fetching data and submitting to google index, it boost our website to generateing SEO traffic.

This used to be the Webmaster Tool.

Now, it’s called Google Search Console and it’s a tool that you should always use on your SEO path.

Let’s check some of the advantages of using Google Search Console:

  • Finds out which keywords are driving traffic to your website/blog.
  • Gets crawl error notifications such as broken pages, so that you can take care of the issue as soon as possible.
  • Checks your website’s link profile.
  • Checks your mobile usability.
  • Lets you use the disavow tool (this tool allows you to send a list of all the backlinks you don’t want Google to take into account when analyzing your website/blog).
  • Creates structured data for your pages.
  • Submits and checks a sitemap.
  • Demotes site-links.
  • Has rich cards to enhance mobile experience.

How to Use Google Search Console

Step 1. open your account in search console 

search console tutorial

step 2. Add your Website in Property section

search console full tutorial

Step 3. verify your website to add file in website header section

webmaster search console website verify

step 4. fetch your website “Articles” and “posts” what you want in google search index

index website url tutorial

Step 5. add your post url and fetch it.

url submit & index to google fast

Step 6. click on Request indexing, it will index in 10 hours.

index url web 2.0 tutorial

How Use Google Search Console

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