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Top 5 Best Hacking Extentions and Addon’s for Pro hackers

This all Tools use is only for educational purpose, use this only for scanning and educational purposes

1.Hackbar :

This is best tool for hacking sql vunerable website all Pro hackers using this tool to injecting website.

technology updates hacking

Download Link : Hackbar

Functions :

  • SQL
  • XSS

2.Tamper data :

This tool is Using tamperdata to view and modify HTTP/HTTPS headers and post parameters.

technology updates hacking

Download Link : Tamper Data

Functions :

  • HTTP/HTTPS headers
  • Post parameter changing
  • Upload File Extention changing

3.User Agent Switcher :

 User Agent add on helps in spoofing the browser while performing some attacks.

technology updates hacking

Download Link : User Agent Switcher

Functions :

  • click user agent switch
  • spoofing the browser

4.XSS : Cross Site Scripting is the most found web application vulnerability. For detecting XSS vulnerabilities in web applications, this add-on can be a useful tool.
Download Link : XSS ME
Functions :
  • XSS vulnerabilities finding


  • XSS payloads


  • XSS scanning

5.FoxyProxy Standard : it switches internet connection across one or more proxy servers. When proxy is in use, it also displays an animated icon.

technology updates hacking

Download Link : FoxyProxy

Functions :

  • advanced proxy management
  • Country animated icon.

Note : This all tool is Only for Security & educational purposes, Do not use to Hack any personal liability


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