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SEO Starter Guide: Get Number #1 Position In Few Weeks



SEO Starter Guide

SEO Starter Guide

Hi, Traffic Solder Here.

In This Post You Will Gonna Learn Every Single Thing About SEO Just Read This Post and Get #1 Rank On Google.

What you need to get top rank?

Money? No….

Time? Yes….

Google takes some months to get ranking a blog post. but if you are working hard and investing lot of time instead of money then you will be the winner and google will get you top ranking in just few weeks.

Let’s learn more-

SEO Starter Guide


What is SEO

What is SEO


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practices to generate free visitors/traffic through search engine for our website/web pages or posts.


Search Engines Example-

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Yandex



SEO Starter Guide

What is SEO

1. Topic research and a quick competitor analysis.

2. Keyword research.

3. How to create content that’s better than your competition.

4. On-Page optimization tips on newly created content.

5. Title optimization for improved CTR and publishing.

6. Page speed optimization.

7. Promote the heck out of your content via. link building and email outreach.

8. Optimization via. Google Analytics.

9. Optimization via. Google Search Console.

10. Relaunch and re-promote your content.

Learn Below, it will help you to understand better everything.

SEO Starter Guide


Topic research and a quick competitor analysis

If you need top ranking in google then you have to research everything about competitor.

But what research you have to do?


if competitor has 20 referring domains then you need 22 or 25 to beat competitor rank. but build only do-follow links.

Suppose this is my competitor URL –

Now i want to beat this and i have better content to this post^ so i need more backlinks to competitor to beat it. but how??

1. Figuring out Unique Backlinks for a competitor post/page only.

referring domain

Now we have to build 120 referring domain backlinks.

SEO Starter Guide


How to create content that’s better than your competition

Backlinks doesn’t matter in everything, if your content is not optimized by title, description and proper keywords placing and media’s with design. Do this all things properly.

Content relevancy

Look at top 2 results why backlinko is ranked in top and moz at 2nd position. Let see what is inside the both of content.


1. Backlinko


Backlinko has more relevancy to moz and post is totally attractive.


2. Moz


Moz has good content but design and post doesn’t attracting much to users.



Total words of post

if your competitor has 1200 words in a content then you write the post with 1400 words with extra explanation and adding some media’s.

Total words of postTotal words of post

Relevancy also matter in this case and backlinks too. if your content is really competitive.



Social Shares 

social shares

try to get more social shares through

Facebook, Quora, Reddit, twitter and more.



Video/photo/pdf (Media’s)

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add video’s and detailed images (Info graph) and PDF. it will give you high ranking and try to keep longer user on your page. attract them convert visitors into customers.



SEO Starter Guide


Email Marketing

Email Marketing

share your content to emails and get more shares and traffic plus ranking.

SEO Starter Guide


Keyword research


Main and important thing of SEO is proper keyword research, without researching you cannot get any traffic and anything, do proper keyword find low keyword difficulty keywords and target them into your post.

Learn Here- How to do keyword research



On-Page optimization tips on newly created content

SEO Starter Guide

Why you thinking too much about writing?

you know what, my English is very weak i don’t know much but i’m writing content to proper meta’s and media’s optimization.

How…. ?

  • Your title related to post
  • Keyword in title
  • Keyword in permalink
  • Alt tag in images
  • Keyword in “Alt text”
  • Add H2 and H3 tags
  • Add your post description
  • Add internal links in post
  • Add expernal links in post

Learn here – On page optimization



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SEO Starter Guide