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When we hear “Shoreline” what comes in our mind blue ocean, an excessive number of swimsuit young ladies, sunbath, and fun right?

The shoreline is a sort of cumbersome place to hang out in like manner. You will see that there are body parts moving around, and everyone is sandy. However as it’s a long way from the bustling boulevards, a large portion of the celebs feel great to get free on the sand! However, father news is: Photographers have flip-slumps as well.

Steven Tyler and Erin Brady

They both were spotted recently at beach and it seems like Steven checking for a baby.

Sharon and Martin

Both got spotted while making out, doing yoga, dancing and both seem in playful mood.

Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson

Courtney and Doug being playful at beach, she is enjoying shoulder ride!

Paris Hilton

Babe don’t get worried as your legs won’t get tanned.

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