PutLockers: How To Stream Movies And Review 2019

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Putlockers ? should we stream latest movies online ? yes you should, because of putlocker.

Putlocker is known as top rated online movies steam website mostly united state users using the most. Put-locker to you should watch latest movies without any signup or login process in free of cost here you will gonna know everything about put locker and yes you may also watch television serials. 

About PutLockers

The website was launched At the United kingdom in year 2011, and It becomes most famous movie stream website after mega upload shutdown. In year 2016 Putlocker’s gone blocked by In UK by high court. Alexa Internet has listed Put-locker as ranking among the top 250 most-visited websites worldwide.

Putlockers has been reported by the Motion Picture Association of America as a major piracy threat and due to sharing unauthorized copyright movies. Putlocker domain address has changed lot of times in history.

Should I Access Putlockers Without VPN 

Yes, you should access that’s depend on your region and country. Put-locker is banned in EU (Europe) and United States because they didn’t allow any pirated content that is against law. but in Canada, India, Australia you should access without any VPN (Virtual Proxy Network. why that is banned by EU you may learn the first paragraph of this page.


You can see the website has got DMCA notice by google and lumen database.

How To Access Putlockers Site ?

That’s very easy if website is blocked by government than you do search these strings in google search engine: “Putlockers


You can see there so many websites in the top 3-5 results. first try to visit in first one if they doesn’t work than visit in second and I’m sure you can access any one to them because all will be not banned or blocked by government. let see:

putlockers site

Google updating everyday websites, they remove those websites which doesn’t work properly. so you may always find satisfied result for the put lockers. I’m accessing it without any VPN because this the put lockers mirror site.

Putlockers not working how to access

ISP (internet service provider) or government has banned/block put-lockers for your country here is the few methods to access putlockers website without facing any problem easily.

Follow these steps:

VPN (Virtual Proxy Network)

You may use VPN for access put lockers only if you are not authorized to access it. sharing to you free VPN for google chrome and mozilla firefox.

  • Hola VPN
  • Express VPN
  • Touch VPN
  • Anonymous Surf 

Learn here: How To Access Blocked Websites

If you are using mobile phone than I would like to recommend these free VPN for android mobile.

  • Turbo VPN
  • Hola VPN
  • Orbot VPN

You may also access to using premium VPN.

Putlockers Proxy And Mirrors

They are clone of Putlocker’s and it can work same like putlocker’s don’t worry. here I’m sharing the links to whom you should access put-lockers in one click without any signup or login process.

Putlockers ProxyStatus

There is no need to signup or login. all is working mirrors of putlockers just click on given links to direct access in free of cost.

Putlockers Alternates

These those alternates is same like putlocker your should easily access is without any issue (Free of cost). theme and designs are differ but work same.



 You should Download, Stream and with subtitles if you like. All movies you may want and always online in good quality. (free of cost) not need to signup or login direct access.

Visit Now



This is best alternate of put-locker. Great website offers so much links for streaming. highly recommended, without any login or signup access free of cost!

Visit Now



High speed streaming and movies category wise also search option without any login or signup free in free of cost. best alternate of put-locker!

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This is really amazing site you may find here thousands movies which would be free of cost to stream here. without any sing up or login direct access. enjoy!

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Popcorn Flix

putlockers proxy

This is top rated website ever and legally you should watch here every latest movie. popcorn flix is very old website and best alternate of putlockers, so enjoy streaming to popcorn flix

Visit Now

Conclusion: Here you should watch any movie or television serial online for free, I’ve shared some 4 methods to access it without facing any issue. 1st using google with proper keyword, 2nd using VPN (virtual proxy network), 3rd you can access it using mirrors of put-lockers I’ve shared in content, 4th you may stream movies through put-locker alternates.

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