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Here is Instruction how to wash and prevent to removing hair

The main thing is If you are using shampoo then use only branded Shampoo Otherwise your hair will be remove so for prevent use only high quality shampoo and see here is tips how to wash.

1st. Prevent hair fall

prevent to removing hair -

Don’t wash your hair daily to shampoo & don’t use soap in hair’s because that are mostly for skin

prevent to removing hair photos

if you have dandruff, then don’t use normal shampoo use only antidandruff shampoo, after using if you are facing same problem, then go to skin & hair specialist doctor for improvement.

prevent to removing hair tips

You can gently move the hair instead of scrubbing to avoid damage.

Prevent hair fall

wash your hair to hot water because it cause dry scalp & dandruff.


Prevent hair fall