Life is a Philanthropy The Mixture of Gifts and Hudles






Being a philanthropist in a world full of despair is a quality mastered by few nowadays.

Life can never be the way one penchants but can surely direct their sail towards achieving it.

Hurdles and obstacles are meant for personal growth and wisdom in a human being.

Those who welcome them gets a new path of success in life and people with negative attitude towards them gets their self esteem destroyed. philanthropist 





Although with the heavy competition in the present era people are captured by many mental disorders like depression, schizophrenia and loneliness etc.

but the prime solution to this is “Be with the Change”.

Ambitious approach and being overdemanding towards life leads to the ultimate failure which puts one’s originality to zero confidence. philanthropist 


We cannot stop the rivalry but can surely transform our way to accomplish the goals.

People should learn to be contended with what they have and what they achieve as something always becomes a kick to life.

It is not wrong to be ambitious but surely wrong to be not satisfied with what life gifts you.

Learn to welcome what your journey offers and act accordingly. Never be against the time just be with the time and rest your hardwork will pay.