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Meta Tag Works In SEO And HTML List Of All Meta Codes 2018



meta tag

Meta tag In SEO With HTML Codes 2018


In this post,

I’m gonna share with you about meta tag, and yes meta tag will get only rank in google


Meta Tag Work

meta tag

Meta tag is basic element of seo and without meta tag you can’t get rank in google, so always basic make strong in this case happening same thing.


Meta tags telling to google that our topic/content is about it.


meta tags


Meta tag generator tool


Meta Description

meta description




Meta Keyword

Meta keyword


  • Meta Keyword is all about our targeted keyword/phrase. what i search and what i found so meta keyword will get extract same thing according to targeted keyword


Meta keyword work


My search phrase/keyword was “WordPress Tutorials and i found everything about WordPress inside the post and look at post ^ that is totally optimized with keyword “WordPress Tutorials”


Meta Robots

If you want to index your page in google then use “index,follow” and if you don’t want to index any page/post in google then use “noindex


Don’t forget to add meta tags in your post.



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