What internet are safe in further for incoming generation read why?


What is internet ? : Internet is a Net which is developed for global system of interconnected computer networks that use the internet protocol (TCP/IP) it links devices worldwide. it network is created for public,private,personal,companies,business,goverment use everyone can use this anywhere, where network are avalible of internet. it is created only for connectivity and make work more easy and now we are success to created this.

Internet is created by server to server connectivity, it connect with tubes & wires by a Carrier(ISP) Tower which  provide us internet in our Mobile, to taking their server maintanence & connectivity include tax charges.

internet are unsafe

What is Advantages Rightnow ? :

  1. We sent can massage to anywhere in world just in 0.73 miliseconds By Email & facebook (social media).
  2. We use it to create a community for justice & we take any action without met personally.
  3. We buy anything any Product online from Amazon & flipkart ( E-commerce sites).
  4. We watch anybody in world Live on Mobile.
  5. We create own website to earn money online.
  6. We will start our earning online to solding products on internet (online).
  7. We Provide anything which user want to buy, if that are not avalible in their area so they can buy via internet.
  8. online banking & currency exchanging

internet real image

if you are buying any product/service in internet to someone/any website, Then what are gurrente after paying money they will provide us that product/service ?

  1. Now we looking on internet scaming is started by peoples (online) thugging,
  2. Peoples Providing illegal products and services to taking money Like porn, weapons,drugs, gambling & so many things happen here if you don’t know read about Darkweb.
  3.  As we see now everybody buying online products in internet,  so many shop’s and door to door products is stopped solding.
  4. it affecting on child’s mind.
  5. harmfull radiations.
  6. fake news virality.
  7. online blackmailing & Girls blackmailing.

internet, trafficsolder

It will be unsafe for incoming generation and life, when everyone can start working on internet then shop/home thieving are stopped and hacking will be increased by hackers and then 2X Money will be  stole/hack to direct bank accounts because then everybody keeping money on banks! according to now 2X thieving, and harmfull rediations will be increase and it affect on kid’s mind. because in further our atmosphere will be convert into radiations and it will create own layer!

internet unsafe in further

But we will be able to prevent us to this harmfull things because we created it.

Article By Chirag artani