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Facebook and Instagram is biggest social media in the world there is almost 3.2 Billion user’s in 2018 and might be more. you have website and Facebook banned it ?

Facebook security is now very strict and they removing almost 200000+ accounts daily from Facebook because of spamming and malicious activity and so many caused.

Your website gone banned to Facebook and Instagram ?

Don’t worry….

In this post, i’ll share with you-

How to unblock domain from Facebook and Instagram

Let’s start…

Note: if your website is block/banned from Facebook then it’s banned from Instagram too. because Instagram is part of Facebook.

Why Your Domain Got Ban From Facebook And Instagram ?

Here is reasons

How To Unblock Domain From Facebook And Instagram
  • Your domain was not following policies of Facebook and Instagram.
  • Your domain was sharing adult content.
  • Your domain has harmful content (i.e. Malware, Viruses, Popup and more).
  • Your domain using abusing words.
  • Your domain boosting ad which may not following ad policies.
  • Your website sharing any data which against to fb policies.
  • And more caused.

So many factors affecting to your domain but these mentioned caused is main reason of banning. and i’ll share with you how to fix and get unblock your website to facebook.

How To Check Website Banned Or Not In Facebook And Instagram

How To Unblock Domain From Facebook And Instagram

Sometimes Facebook block or content not domain but we thinking our website is block, so how to  check website is block or not in fb and instagram.

1. Open Facebook Debugger

  • Type your domain URL or post URL
  • Click on Debug

If you get: We can’t review this website because the content doesn’t meet our Community Standards. If you think this is a mistake, please let us know

  • Then it’s blocked to Facebook

2. Search your other site in debugger

Type your website URL and click on debug

fb scraped

These website is following all policies and everything it’s not blocked

How To Unblock Domain From Facebook And Instagram

1. Explain and Submit Report

let them know if your website is block to Facebook and Instagram by any mistake.

Submit > HERE

2. Contact to Facebook support live chat

Share your issue with Facebook support stuff they will help you to fix problem.

Fill required details to start chat

Support Chat here > HERE

How To Unblock Domain From Facebook And Instagram

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