how to resolve facebook login problems

How To Resolve Facebook Login Problems (2018)

How to fix Facebook login problem

in a minute


Facebook is great and powerful social media, every minute million of peoples account are login, sometimes server goes down.

and so many factors affecting in login issue,

how to resolve facebook login problems

How to Resolve Facebook Login Problems


1 Method. Mobile Data and WiFi

yet you have tried to turn off and turn on your mobile data and wifi.

how to resolve facebook login

once try this and then try to login account,

otherwise follow other methods

2 Method. Email and password is correct but still not login ?

It is depend on mobile network, cookies and cache you need to clear all junk cache which affecting here.

1st try turn off and turn on mobile data then this.

1. open your settings

open settings


2. Find Application Manager


it will available in your mobile inside > storage or advance settings.

application manager

How To Resolve Facebook Login Problems

3. Now find Facebook application


Inside application manager > find Facebook go inside application and go to storage and then clear data or cache,

1st clear only cache try to login, if still facing issue then clear data and try again.

cache and data clear

How To Resolve Facebook Login Problems


3 Method. It Is Showing Incorrect Password ?


You need to set new one password to forget it.

Go to Here

how to recover facebook password


Enter Your Email or Phone Number There and search it!

change password

You will Receive Code In Email Or Phone number


Enter There Code And Continue It.

Set New password

change fb password

Set your password always strong to using special character.


4 method. If You Are Using Chrome And Facing Login Issue In Facebook

You are sure your email and password is correct but still facing trouble in login, Clear cache and cookies of chrome.

1. Go to Right Corner in Three Dots (menu)

clear cache for facebook login issue


Then go to below > Settings


Go Below Open Advance

how to resolve Facebook login problems


Clear Only Cache and Cookies Data

how to resolve facebook login problems

How To Resolve Facebook Login Problems


5 Method. If Still Not Login Your Account

You should also report to Facebook for login issue, in this case Facebook support stuff will try to help you.

Just you sent them your trouble here


6 Method. If you’re having trouble logging in with your mobile number, try again following these steps

  • Make sure to enter your entire mobile number, including the country code.
  • Leave out any extra zeros, plus signs (+) or another special characters.

Hope your issue are solve with these methods 

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