how to make a blog

How to make a Blog – Fully optimized and Seo friendly

How to Make a Perfect Blog with wordpress

how to make a blog

After reading this article, i’m sure you will be a perfect blogger.

because i’m share with you something amazing which you have not seen in blogging,

we will use WordPress to create a perfect blog and we will fully optimize it ,

We need this : Theme, Website Speed, Website all Pages, Integration Tracking system, Seo, Plugins.

Why we creating blog in WordPress

how to start bog


WordPress is the amazing open source free (CMS) content management system where peoples creating website,blogs, how to make a blog

here is thousands of free and paid themes and ultimate plugins,

you will be shocked when i’ll show you how much peoples using wordpress rightnow, that is millions or more than, however now everybody using wordpress because of lot of free themes,plugins advance system.


  • 1000000+Themes
  • 1500000+ plugins
  • Custom editing
  • Seo friendly
  • designs
  • fully free
  • easy to use
  • php,laravel,boostrap,html

Last few years of wordpress users, i’ve been figuring out this stats. 51% internet using wordpress in 2018.

2014 : 18 Million wordpress blogs 

2015 : 39.6 million wordpress blogs

2016 : 75 million wordpress blogs

2017 : 87 million wordpress blogs


How to install wordpress in website

how to make a blog

Open your hosting panel from where you buy that.

how to create blog


go in your website “Cpanel” click on “login to cpanel”

how to make a blog x


Go below in Cpanel “Softaculuos apps” click on “wordpress”

How to make a blog


Choose your protocol and Directory (where you want) if you want wordpress in index homepage, leave it empty

How to make a blog

Add site name, site description and admin user name and password

how to make a blog

select any theme and click on install

Your wordpress is now installed for login go “” fill your username and password you will be login in WP panel.

How to Start a Blog

how to make a blog

  • start writing articles
  • Start sharing something unique
  • start generating visitors
  • Attract users to your website
  • Learn SEO for website.

How to writing articles

Goto your website WP panel and click on “New”

how to make a blog

Give title to your post and h1 tag also

How to make a blog

then heading and paragraph

how to make a blog

How to share something unique

how to make a blog

As i see now everybody started sharing same things Like “how to earn money” “how to generate income” so many peoples aim is generating traffic, but they making same post Like others you can find on google 55000+ posts for “how to earn money” and so you do target unique keyword, target different keyword. how to make a blog

share something new to peoples like i created a guide of SEO and facebook advertising that was very unique to Neil patel and brian dean guide.

Topic was same but inside content was different, so try to make something different from our side don’t make duplicate content.

i’ve a website where i’m sharing Movies downloading because peoples looking for that kind of sites, there is no any popup, not any misleading everything is clean and fresh.


How to start generate visitors

How to make a blog

make your website seo friendly

seo is the main part of website, which generating traffic through google, which we called organic traffic

make your website with unique contents

try to make own content, don’t copy anybody content,

make mobile friendly website

make responsive website, use only mobile and desktop friendly themes. how to make a blog

How to attract users

how to make a blog



add push notification bar on your website

How to make a blog

use popup bar for subcribing users

How to make a blog

Ad placement

How to make a blog

add share button on post

How to make a blog

You can start blogging very easily try to follow this all steps 

Content topics and Categories


what peoples searching in websites, what they want here is some categories and content

how to make viral blog

Topic categories

Global warming
Beginner’s guides to anything!
Overcoming adversity or illness
Life experiences
Products or service reviews
Travel experiences
Personal Stories
Jokes and Humor

Blogging Plateforms

how to make viral blog

  1. (self-hosted)
  2. (online)
  3. Blogger
  4. Tumblr
  5. Medium
  6. Ghost
  7. Squarespace
  8. Wix
  9. Drupal
  10. Joomla
  11. Weebly
  12. Typepad
  13. Magento


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