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Build your Ecommerce store now

Here is free practice!

In this guide,

I’ll share about Ecommerce website in WordPress 

And i’m fully sure it will take your only 30 minutes for setup.

Lets start….

How To Build Ecommerce Website With WordPress

How To Create Ecommerce Website In WordPress
What you need to create ?
Wordpress Setup
E-commerce theme
Woocommerce plugin

Here you need a single plugin,

which is absolutely amazing and free for use, and very easy to manager everything.



This is massive plugin for build own Ecommerce website in free of cost.

There is also available paid but free is also good.

What is Woocommerce

This is free or paid website building plugin, which help us to selling online products and increasing our online business.

it will make your website a store

How to create ecommerce website in wordpress

How To Create Ecommerce Website In WordPress

You have need to setup 1st WordPress in your website.


Now Follow These Steps:

Open Your Website WordPress Panel

wp dashboard

After login

Open Plugins Section From WordPress Panel

woocommerce installing


Type “Woocommerce” in Search Field

Woocommere install and activate

Now Install First One And Click On “Activate

Woocommerce is now installed in your website.

How To Install E-Commerce Theme 

how to create ecommerce website in wordpress


WordPress offering so many free themes, but every one are not for E-commerce so some developers has build E-commerce free themes for WordPress, which is totally amazing.

Follow These Process to install E-commerce theme for your website.

Open your WordPress panel and Go to > themes section

how to create e-commerce website in wordpress

Now go to > Add new

Now Type: “Ecommerce Themes” in Search Box

how to create ecommerce website in wordpress

Install and active any theme which suits better in your website

Theme and Woocommerce is installed.

Now you have need to setup Woocommerce plugin.

How To Setup Woocommerce plugin

Here you need to setup payment gateway for buyers with orders, products, coupons, checkout, emails, general details.

Open woocommerce plugin & go to > settings

how to create ecommerce website in wordpress


Settings > open general tab> fill your company details


  • Adress
  • pincode
  • where you want to sell products
  • your currency and more…
how to create free ecommerce website in wordpress


Settings > Product Tab

how to create ecommerce website in wordpress

select page where you want to show your products and more..

Settings > Checkout Tab

This is main thing, which you have need to do setup properly.

Enable: ssl checkout secure

select checkout page

paypal setup

paypal setup

paypal setup for woocommerce

Done, I’ve shared here every main thing which was helpful for creating Ecommerce website.

Stategy for ecommerce website

  • Add products in cheap prices (low to others)
  • Run advertising on social media or adwords
  • Share new products with peoples or customers

Hope You Like This Guide

How to create ecommerce website in wordpress

Done… I have shared all required things with screenshots, hope you like this post!

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