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5 Free And Easiest Way To Create Backlink (SEO 2018)



How to create backlink

5 Best And Easiest way To Building Backlinks

In This Post

I’m sharing to you.

Free and easiest way to building Backlink.

how to create backlink


What is Backlink

How to create backlink

how to create backlink

When it comes to get top rank in google search, then backlink playing main role in SEO

Backlink when a website is linked to other website, mean A and B both is linked together.


Type Of Backlink


how to create backlink


Link Juice : When your Home page link are pass to any article it helping to improve our domain authority

No-Follow Link : Which backlink has “No Follow Tag” no follow is improving domain authority but not ranking.

Do-Follow Link : It default link (normally) linked page. it helping to improve over all seo.

Low-Quality Links : which domain authority scale should be 1 – 5 that’s called low quality links.

Internal Links : when you are linking any post to your own other post. it helping to improve website SEO.

Anchor Text : when a link is linked to any “word” that’s called anchor text link.


1. Improves Organic Ranking

2. Faster Indexing

3. Referral Traffic



How To Create Backlink



Let’s start,

1. Create Web Profile

How to create backlink

This way is very easy to building links for your page/article/website.

List of web 2.0 

It will improve your website over all ranking and getting you top position in google.

I would like to recommend start building backlinks to web profile.

Web 2.0 (web profile) will be your website account in  tumblr  and blogger other so many sites.



2. Commenting

How to create backlink

it’s very easy way to building backlinks, only you have need to join online communities, forum sites, blogs.

Do-follow Forum list

For beating competitor rank just figuring out metrics of your competitor and comment your link in competitor’s referring domian.

They has No-follow or Do-Follow no matter just give good comment with your link.



3. Submitting Links in Blog Directories

How to create backlink

Very easy way to build backlink with blog directories

List of verified blog directory

Just open list and open any blog directory site and submit your website/page/post link in blog directory.

it can help to improve ranking and getting you fast indexing.



4. Guest Posting

Guest post blog

If your content is really killer then start writing guest post and get backlink to guest post because this is the great way to get high quality backlink.

Guest Posting Blog list

Guest post is for genuine backlink.

You have need to write a post as a guest in blog (which accept guest posts)



5. Organic Backlink

organic way to get backlink

For getting organic backlink. you need to share killer content with 1000+ words and custom infographic.

When your content get lot of shares in social media then it may generate some traffic and sometime they traffic getting us some backlinks and shares too, email traffic also getting organic backlink.

Add “ALT Text” in image and your website thumbnail. if someone will search about your Using “ALT text” in google image and then if they can use image in their website/post/content, so it will also getting you backlink.


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