How to Beat Top Ranked Competitor in SEO (2018)

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Beat Your Competitor Top Rank To Follow This

How to Beat Top Ranked Competitor in SEO


In this post we will learn something about SEO.

You know what?

When i started learning SEO , everyday i thought in mind: How can i beat someone in google for same keyword.

And same thing maybe happen with you right?



How to Beat Top Ranked Competitor In Google

analysis pic


There two thing works.

1. On Page SEO:

It cover’s everything in website/post content.


Inbound links in content

Outbound links in content

keyword in title

keyword in meta description

keyword in permalink

Proper tags

Alt text



and some more things….


2. Off Page SEO

This is all about how we are sharing and linking our website/content.


Content sharing in social media


Guest post



And more…


 Create Better Content To Competitor

How to Beat Top Ranked Competitor in SEO

better content for seo


If competitor sharing about 20 things in their post/website.

Then you do share 25 things.

You need to optimize this, things better.


 Meta Description


How to Beat Top Ranked Competitor in SEO

Look at meta descriptions, they all has a common word “Competitor’s” in their post description.

And also read how they attracting visitors in their post.


Media in content

media in post

Don’t forget to add “Media” in your content.

it will increase your post shares and traffic.



Share more than your competitor.


Free wordpress plugins

Look at results top ranked 1st site: sharing about 32 free WordPress plugins

And second about 25 free plugins


It matters in SEO


More Backlinks To Competitor

How to Beat Top Ranked Competitor in SEO

backlinks how to beat


This is the main thing, that you have need to beating your competitor rank.

You can beat, your competitor top rank in 7 days to creating more and better links to your competitor.


How to beat competitor in seo to creating backlinks ?


You have need to buy Ahrefs tool for making backlinks.


Open your Ahrerfs account.

ahrefs login

Login your account.



Paste your competitor website/post URL in Ahrefs

ahrefs tool for backlinks

Click on search icon



Search and open “Referring Domains”

backlinks in ahrefs



Open Referring Domains

How to Beat Top Ranked Competitor in SEO

You need to create more backlinks in Referring Domains section to competitor


Suppose Competitor has 50 Referring Domains for a post then you need to create 51 and more then you can beat him.


How to Beat Top Ranked Competitor in SEO


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