10 Hidden Instagram hacks (tricks and tips) still you don’t know it

instagram amazing hacks

You know what ?

I’m using Instagram since 2012 and in my view now Instagram becomes most active social network even Facebook has more audience compare to Instagram.

However today you will gonna know something totally amazing hidden Instagram hacks which may help you to increase you followers and also to track others activity. so many things with a bonus for you just learn and know here below.

Let’s start…

What is Instagram hacks ?

Instagram hacks
Instagram hacks

It will help you to know something interesting which can help you to increase you audience and Instagram easier know how –

  1. Instagram #hashtag tracker (hashtag analytics).
  2. Instagram Download Any Video/Pic.
  3. How Know to whom i send follow request on Instagram.
  4. What was your last username, your bio and when you logged your account.
  5. Hide your account to follow suggestions
  6. Hide any comment “Automatically” which you don’t like.
  7. How to secure Instagram account
  8. Track your Instagram account analytics
  9. Instagram auto followers and likes
  10. Blur the background on a portrait photo

You will gonna learn and know these all things here! 

#1 Instagram #hashtag tracker (hashtag analytics)

This is the amazing instagram hack you should track any #hashtag without paying anything. 

Recently I’ve integrated Instagram #hashtag tracker, it will get you all things like – 

  • #hashtag total likes
  • #hashtag total comments
  • Post keywords
  • and more

(I disabled the tool)

How to use this ? 

Just enter the #tag name using #hash Like – #trafficsolder, #forbes so it will track all recent posts with most using keywords.

hashtag analytics
Instagram hacks

For see the keywords click on “analytics icon” OR for recent posts “eye” icon.

#2 Instagram Download Any Video Or Image

You can easily download any video or image to Instagram but there is a single restriction account should be Public this is only for public Instagram accounts. it can’t work for any private account.

How to download any video or image to Instagram ?

Recently i personally build this tool for download any video or image in High quality.

Here is the tool – Instagram Downloader (I disabled It too.)

You have to paste the link of Image or video in this tool (only public accounts)

Instagram hacks

For download video or image click on “Direct link” so than downloading will be start.

#3 How to know whom i send follow request on Instagram

Accidentally you send a request to a person on Instagram but you don’t to username of that person so how to know ?

It’s very simple, recently I’ve created a video for it too. 

Here you should watch –

Subscribe the channel too.
  • Otherwise just go in this > Link
  • Login your account (if you are not logged)
Instagram hacks

Here is the list to whom you send follow request in Instagram

To check just manually enter the Username of a person to this list and check you have requested or not.

Example – 

After Search the name visit in to the profile

Instagram hacks

Have a look. 

So now you can easily check to whom you sent follow request on Instagram or not.

#4 What was your last username, your bio and when you logged your account

Sometimes this things are important for us.

Suppose you are in any case and you need a proof for login and logout time and overall your account recently activity (history). just for information know this thing.

Start following these tips –

Open Instagram 

Login your account

Now go to this >  link

Instagram hacks

Here you can see everything for any account (just open instagram > login your account and click on given link.

Here is the > Data Access Link

You should check here these things –

  • When you joined Instagram
  • To whom you send follow requests
  • When you changed passwords
  • When you login Instagram
  • When you logout 
  • What was your last bio
  • What was your username
  • What you searched before
  • And more

Hope this Instagram hacks are most helpful for you.

#5 Hide your account to follow suggestions

If your account is showing in someones account and you want to hide your account to suggestions than change this settings to follow below given instruction –

  • Log into instagram.com from a desktop computer or your phone’s browser
  • Tap or click in the top right, then select Edit Profile
  • Tap or click next to Similar Account Suggestions, then click Submit
Instagram hacks

Keep in mind that when you opt out of account suggestions on your profile, you won’t appear as a suggestion on someone else’s profile either. read here more.

#6 Hide any comment “Automatically” which you don’t like

This is only when any word is embarrassing you or you don’t like it. 

Suppose, i’m commenting on your post my comment is – Dope and you don’t want this word in your comments (for all posts) so just follow these instructions to hide any word automatically.

Hide comments that contain any of the words or phrases you type above from your posts.

Here is the way –

Just go here in this > link

Add keywords which you want to hide automatically (whenever anybody can text it).

Instagram hacks

Mostly this Instagram hacks is only for big follow base accounts.

#7 How to secure Instagram account

secure instagram account
Instagram hacks

Most important thing for any Instagram account. if you still not enabled this settings please do it now.

You know what, last time my one of friend account got hacked because he didn’t enabled this security in their account, it can be secure your account to any attack like –

  • Phising
  • Bruteforcer

You have to enabled two-factor authentication, once you enabled it then without backup codes OR mobile OTP nobody can logging your account so…

#8 Track your Instagram account analytics

instagram analytics
Instagram hacks

What are the those accounts they and you both following to each and others, and how was your account performance last time and what is now position.

Simply these tools will gonna help you to know your audience and how much followers, likes, comments you are getting, how much you gained or not everything you should know to these online Instagram analytics tools.

It will help you to increase your online business and audience

#9 Instagram auto followers and likes

Instagram likes hacks
Instagram hacks

Well, it’s not good but sharing to you only for knowledge. you should find so many auto like, auto followers application on play-store and websites on google but they storing your access token. auto likes will increase your post likes but you can automatically like other people of posts. you should increase your followers too. but you can automatically follow to other peoples. auto like, auto follow mean (exchange).

Here is some websites for auto like and followers –

#10 Blur the background on a portrait photo

Instagram hacks
  1. Open the camera and select Focus among the options under the record button
  2. Take a selfie or switch to the rear-facing camera to snap a photo of someone else
  3. The subject will stay in focus while the background blurs

Note: this feature is only available on select Android devices, iPhone SE, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, and X.

Note: this post is only for knowledge and here we’re sharing only those tools (which are searched mostly on google) for the Instagram.

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Post updated on – 4/11/2019