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Google Webmaster Tutorial

In This Guide,

I’ll share with you about google webmaster.

You sharing your post in website, but doesn’t get your post result in google search engine. 

Here is fix and how to index website/post in google, only in 5 minutes.

How To Use Webmaster Tool

google webmaster

What is Google Webmaster ?

You know what?

Google getting us free tool to indexing our website/post/page in google search engine 

And it maintain our website, also helping to prevent/protect our website to malicious viruses and helping to improve website overall performance and SEO

  • Driving traffic in your website to google
  • Protecting to virus
  • Maintain website performance (analytics)
  • Helping to fix broken links and problems
  • Fixing Crawl errors
  • Showing analytics

How To Add Website In Google

google webmaster

You are always facing issue in website indexing ?

Mean, you are not able to see your website in google, during search your website in google ?

Here is something for your website, which will gonna improve your website SEO

And Performance.

Follow This Steps:

Open Google webmaster 

That’s also called google search console

Google webmaster

Then, Click on Search Console or Sign in.

Login Your Gmail Account To Click On Sign in

Webmaster tool

Your Gmail account will login in search console, just click on sign in and login your gmail account.

google webmaster

Now Your Account is Logged

webmaster tool

How To Verify Website In Google Webmaster

google tutorial 2018

Now, your account is logged.

and now you wanna to add site in search console.

Click On Add Property

add website


Enter Your Website Address

google webmaster tool

Enter your website address with protocol and click on ADD

Verify Your Website Ownership

Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster

After adding you have need to verify your website ownership

Know how…..

How To Verify Website Ownership For Google Webmaster

Use always recommend method.

Look Below How:

1. Download this HTML verification file.

2. Upload the file to******************

3. Confirm successful upload by visiting in your browser.

4. Click Verify below.

To stay verified, don’t remove the HTML file, even after verification succeeds.

Here is steps:

Download your HTML Verification File

verification google webmaster

Click on blue color text to download your file

Now you have need to open your hosting services, where to you have buy.

Open Your Hosting Website (where to you have buy)

Login Your Panel > Go to Client Area > file manager > public html or htadocs

Upload in your > Public html

public html

Now Upload Your Google Webmaster File Here.

webmaster tutorial

For Checking Visit in 3rd option

google webmaster Tutorial

If it seems like this, then uploaded it correctly

webmaster Tutorial

Now click on Verify

google webmaster Tutorial

Now your website is verified in google ownership click on Continue to manage and checking all issues and everything

How To Setup Properly Website In Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster

Now your website is verified in google search console.

How to setup properly…..

Open Dashboard > Messages

webmaster setup

visit in this message

Now you need to do this all

Google Webmaster
  • Leave 1,2 option.
  • Select you country in 3rd option,
  • if you want to access to your co-workers add it into 4th option.
  • 5th is most important Don’t forget to submit your sitemap file…
  • Done!

Done Now Your Website is properly added in google webmaster.

How to Index Post and Website In Google

google search console

This is the best way to index your new post in google, only in 5 mins!

Its very simple, Follow these…….

Open Website Dashboard In Console Panel > Crawl > Fetch As Google

fetch post in webmaster

Just past your post URL last portion in blank field and click on FETCH

index post

After doing this your post will be index

Google Webmaster

Thank You For Learning This, Don’t Forget To Share With Your Friends.

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