Garlic And Coconut Oil Scalp Treatment For Hair Loss

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Garlic And Coconut Oil Scalp Treatment For Hair Loss

Balding is one normal issue that many individuals manage now days. While there are different scalp medicines accessible in various hair salons, some of them are too exorbitant and some don’t yield much outcomes. Today I am giving you hair arrangement that can be effortlessly made at home and is ended up being viable in controlling male pattern baldness and dandruff. It likewise helps in advancing hair development. This arrangement is made with garlic and coconut oil. Continue perusing to know how to make this and utilize this scalp treatment:



Garlic And Coconut

For this scalp treatment you will require new coconut drain 1 glass, and 6-7 garlic cloves. Coconut drain is extraordinary for hair fall and dandruff too. Garlic cloves are rich in minerals which are basic for hair development. Garlic additionally has against bacterial and calming properties which helps in controlling dandruff and hairfall.


Garlic And Coconut

Mesh garlic cloves and blend it with coconut drain. Mix these in a blender to blend well. Once mixed, strain it out.

Instructions to Use This Solution


Garlic And Coconut
To utilize this arrangement splash it on your scalp and back rub it well. You don’t require to apply this on the hair strands. Once connected abandon it on for 5 to 10 minutes and wash your hair with your standard cleanser. Do leave this answer for over 10 minutes as garlic has impactful smell and can cause irritation too.

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