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Fmovies ?

In this post, I’m sharing with you related to a website.

Where you should watch online videos, movies, episodes for free and that should be legal. don’t worry!

About Fmovies

When it comes to watching online movies, Fmovie is known as best and top rated movies downloading website ever.

You can watch here any series, also you may find Netflix seasons, episode without any login or sing up method and it will be free. recently I searched about F-movies and I got they has some 5M monthly visitors and 3.2 visitors watching and downloading movies from there and other 1.8M visitors is not the fan of this site, so if you are looking to download any movie for free today here I’ll share with you access able websites which should be unblocked or mirrors don’t worry I will also share steps to you about downloading and watch movies online from Fmovie.

Latest Fmovie Site 2019

Access NowPretty well
Access NowAmazing

To Be Honest Fmovies is not legal

Have you ever thought why you’re not able to access it? when you open the F-movies it is showing –

“You are Not Authorized” OR “Website Is Blocked/Down”


It’s happen when google and government experience Illegal content and than google send a report to government for the unauthorized content Or copyright material and it belongs to US Digital Millennium Copyright Act 


Why F-movies website gone banned ?

It’s happen when the website doesn’t following policies and sharing Illegal stuff in website. If i’m the director of A movie and I released the movie at the theaters only, but the next day any website has uploading the movie in our website (website is public place), so it would be illegal because during the release movie and media company has need to take permission from censor board after the authorization they going to release. so If any website uploading the movie it should be illegal because movie has copyright from the censor board. that’s why F-movies has banned or blacklisted by google and ISP networks, depend on region and country.

15 Websites Like Fmovies

movies download

Almost websites is legal you can download or watch the online movies from here, in free of cost!



This is known as best online movie downloading website, putlocker has digital design and also the most people visiting in putlocker from the united states. keyword: putlocker has SEARCH VOLUME 2,740,000 monthly, so you can easily assume the popularity of putlocker.

Visit Now



Personally I’m the fan of openload because of server speed. you can easily watch any movie in free of cost. HD quality also available. there is a simple issue openload has so many pop-up ads.

Visit Now



This website has so many latest movies and collection according to countries, However you may easily find here so many latest movies which is about a month ago. also there movies is available in so many different qualities like: 360P, 480P, 1080P and more. this website is famous for watching movies online.

Visit Now



You watch here any movie for free online in HD quality. users access thousands of movies from different countries such as the United States, Canada, Thailand, Russia, India, Japan, South Korea, and many more. It offers no sign-up for streaming.

Visit Now



The website has so many users who visiting and suffering online movies from the moviego. website is very fast in the speed also movies buffering speed is fast. you should watch here online movies.

Visit Now

The Internet Archive


It’s totally legal, you may not found latest movies but i believe it has so many hollywood movies and shows which was the blockbuster. the best thing is about The internet archive, you can download or watch the movies according to categories Example: Horror, Comedy, Action.

Visit Now

Free Movie Download

Free Movie Download



When it comes to go in childhood, retrovision has the movies collection of year 1930-2015. all the old cartoon, TV series, movies you may also found and download movies from here for free. this website is totally amazing and also very fast. example of old classic series: Bonanza, dragnet, federal men.

Visit Now



If you don’t know popcorn movies website than you don’t have an experience for downloading movies online. here you should easily watch movies online for free and yes popcornflix is legal website there is so many categories for downloading movies example: horror, action, thriller, comedy. and you should also watch TV shows online.

Visit Now



123GoStream is a website that offers free streaming and download of movies and television shows. It has filters for genres, country, years, and ranking of films based on other sites like IMDb you may also search movie in search box website server and movie quality is ultra HD enjoy 123gostream.

Visit Now



Top rated and running since 5 years or more (not sure) but when it comes to download Hollywood dubbed movies in Hindi and English movies free of cost in HD quality with low bandwith usage this is top rated and my favorite one.

Visit Now

Fmovies Proxy

If you want to access Fmovie instead of others than you should access to one click. torrents/ProxySpeedStatus
 1 Very Fast Online
 2  Very Fast Online
 3  Very Fast Online
 4  Very Fast Online
 5  Very Fast Online
 6  Very Fast Online
 7 https://www.f  Very Fast Online
 8  Fast Online
 9  Fast Online
 10  Fast Online
 11  Fast Online
 12  Fast Online
 13  Fast Online
 14  Fast Online
 15  Fast Online
 16 Fmo-vies Proxy  Fast Online
 17 Fmovie Mirror Site  Fast Online
 18 Proxy F-movies  Fast Online
 19 Unblock  Fast Online
 20 Proxy 1  Normal Online
 21 Proxy 2  Normal Online
 22 https://fmovie  Normal Online
 23Unblock Fmo-vies proxy  Normal Online
 24 Proxy Unblock  Normal Online
 25 Slow Online
 26 Slow Online
 27 Slow Online
 28 Slow Online
 29 Slow Online
 30https://fmovie Slow Online

Whenever F movies got shutdown they suddenly buy the new domain and importing their old data into the new one so google is not able to crawl website so far also they banning the IP of domain so if you can exchange or use the new one than without any report website couldn’t goes shutdown so here I’m sharing something about Fmovie.

The Original Website Of F movies 

Ok if you don’t know which is the orginal website of f-movies than i would like to share this is the original website:

If you’re not able to access than change your IP. (use VPN)

How to change learn here:

In Chrome

Go to the three dot’s showing on top right corner just beneath the cross symbol > Go to more tools > Extensions

Open Chrome Extension

Now click on three vertical lines shown at top left of “Extensions” and click on “Open Chrome Web Store”

Open Chrome Web Store

Now search for touch vpn in search box and click on Add to Chrome on first extension.

Add Touch VPN

A popup will appear, click on Add Extension and wait till the icon appears at right side of address bar in your chrome.

Connect Touch VPN

Now just Connect and access any torrent website.

In Mozilla

Click on Menu from top right corner and click on Add-ons

Open Add-ons

Then click on Extensions and search touch vpn in search box

Search Touch VPN

Now click on first result i.e. Touch VPN

Open Touch VPN

And finally click on Add to Firefox

Add to Firefox

Now wait for download, if it ask your permission, click Ok and that’s it. Now click on the icon on top right corner.

Cilck on Connect

And Click on Connect, and then open torrentz2

Touch VPN

Connected, refresh the website

Android VPN For Access Movie Sites

I would like to recommend those metioned VPN

  • Open > Playstore
  • Search > Turbo Vpn > Install

Same process for others you may also install these.

  • Orbot
  • Express VPN
  • Hola VPN
  • Tunnel Bear

After installing anyone, open the installed vpn app and click on connect to select country than it would be show you connected now come into website and refresh it again.

Thank You

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