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Facebook Advertising Guide 2018

Facebook advertising guide

i’m sure, after reading this guide, you will be a perfect marketer in facebook advertising because, i’ll share with you all targeting secrets and facebook advertising cost and everything in very simple way which make you a pro please read this guide and follow all steps.

How to start facebook marketing

Facebook advertising guide

what is facebook ads :

Facebook ads are adverts you can promote on Facebook.

These Facebook targeted ads can appear in the News Feed (Timeline) on both desktop and mobile.

On desktop, they can also appear at the right side of Facebook’s page.

This ad content can be mixed with news about certain social activities your friends have been a part of, such as commenting on a particular page.

Do you have a question?

“How much do Facebook Ads cost?”

Facebook ads aren’t that expensive.

This means you can rock it even if you don’t happen to have a huge budget.

The fact is that this social network has the lowest cost per 1000 impressions when compared with other platforms where you can insert online ads.

Moreover, Facebook ads allow you to microtarget particular groups of people.

From a marketing perspective, this is awesome!


Because it allows you to target your audiences based on age, employment status, location, yearly income, hobbies, marital status, network and lot.

How specific is this, bro?

It’s awesome.

The cost of Facebook Ads is cheap and you can target like a precise king!

Why Facebook advertising


Facebook advertising offering us to target deep audience,

you can target here everything so many peoples thinking its very hard and very much Costly.

but thats not because peoples not trying to invest money on facebook ads,

even facebook allow starting with 10$ you should spent that 10$ to gain knowledge or experience,

knowledge of worth is more than money,

because you make that money to knowledge when you don’t have very much money for spenting.

Lets start now.

How to Create Facebook advert account


create your account here to login with facebook account facebook business

facebook advertising guide

When you can login your account there, thats called Ads manager account  

facebook advertising guide

1st account “New ads” is Business account and 2nd is “Facebook ads manager account” 

now you have need to create Advert account

facebook advertising guide

add your name and email

facebook advertising guide

Now your advert account is created

Facebook advertising guide

  • Add your page if you have otherwise you should create that.

  • Add your other account account if you have, otherwise you should create one more.

  • Add your other account if you want to add


How to add Money in Advert account


Facebook Advertising allow fund adding via paypal, Internet banking , credit and debit card. there are so many other fund adding options but thats depend on our region, in india they allowing to add money by paytm

How to add money

facebook advertising guide


Go into payment option

facebook advertising guide


Now add card it is automatic payment system you can setting of payment manual and automati what you want

facebook advertising guide

Its done now. lets create advert.


How to Create facebook Advert and targeting


its, main section for every ad you have need to create different and attractive ads, it is depend on your work, your targeting, your page, your category.

most peoples create ads for News website because they get lot of traffic why ? because they create latest news ad to get more traffic, and some creating ads for their product like some selling ecommerce product, some selling hosting service and so many other.

But as i see the most peoples like News ads because of trend thing sharing. Like bitcoin

so all kind of peoples taking intrest in news ads that is reason of very low cost in very much traffic and reach.

There are so many trageting fields, it is depend on your brand, what you wanna to promote and how you wanna to promote, Like

Brand Awareness

facebook advertising guide

Reach people who are more likely to pay attention to your ads and increase awareness for your brand.


facebook advertising guide

Show your ad to the maximum number of people


facebook advertising guide

Send more people to a destination on or off Facebook such as a website, app or Messenger conversation.


facebook advertising 2018

Get more people to see and engage with your post or Page. Engagement can include comments, shares, likes, event responses and offer claims.

App Installs

facebook advertising guide

Send people to the app store where they can download your app.

Video Views

facebook advertising guide

Promote videos that show behind-the-scenes footage, product launches or customer stories to raise awareness about your brand.

Lead Generation

facebook advertising guide

Collect lead information from people who are interested in your business.


facebook advertising guide

Get more people to have conversations with your business in Messenger to complete purchases, answer questions or offer support.


facebook advertising guide

Get people to take valuable actions on your website or app, such as adding payment information or making a purchase. Use the Facebook pixel or app events to track and measure conversions.

Catalogue Sales

facebook advertising guide

Create ads that automatically show items from your catalogue based on your target audience

Store Visits

facebook advertising guide

Promote multiple business locations to people who are nearby.

Here is Advert boosting guide step by step

1. Open the advert manager

facebook advertising

2. Click on “Create ad”

facebook advertising guide

Now give any name


facebook advertising guide

3. Select “Traffic” and continue 

facebook advertising guide

i’ve blog so i’m selecting “Traffic” you can also try to select reach if you want to run any product only for advertising, 


4. Select  “Website” and “your” country.

facebook advertising guide

5. Select age according to your type of link (13-34 Generally) 

facebook advertising guide

6. In Placement section just untick the Instagram

facebook advertising guide

7. Set budget your per day budget 

facebook advertising guide

8. set ad name what you want, in “Identify” section add your Page to which you want promote ads

facebook advertising guide

9. select format of ad 

facebook advertising guide

10. Add your “text” about product. and select  advert “image”

facebook advertising guide

add your image which you want to run as ads. 
add headline and 
website destination link where you want traffic.
select button what you wanna to show, peoples 

facebook advertising guide

11. add url parameter “optional” if you wanna to track conversion and optimize better you ad campaign then setup facebook pixel and take a review of your advert and confirm.

facebook advertising guide

Done Hope you Like this facebook advertising guide.

Facebook deep trageting for ad campaign


facebook advertising guide

The first option makes you choose between an app or a website.

You should use the website option in case you’re driving a user to a pre-landing page.


facebook advertising guide

This is the place where you can target your audience when advertising using social media.

There are several options here.

Let’s check them one by one to make it easier for you to follow.

Custom Audiences

facebook advertising guide

If you’ve got a mailing list, contacts, or user IDs you wanna use, this is the place where you should insert them.

This is how you’ll be able to only target the uploaded list of users as a Facebook marketer.


facebook advertising guide

This is where you select the countries you wanna include on a Facebook marketing campaign.

At the beginning, we recommend you test various countries on a campaign.

You should go for countries that share the same spoken language such as Panama, Mexico, Argentina, etc.

Afterwards, you should get those saucy stats to split and run the profitable countries like a genius turned master monetizer that makes social media marketing look easy!


facebook advertising guide

Select the age range you wanna target.

We recommend you pick a small range since different ages will showcase different performances on Facebook ads.


facebook advertising guide

You can select if you wanna target Men, Women or both.

Again: we advise you to target different groups because they’ve got different behaviors and will therefore have varying performances on Facebook advertising.


facebook advertising guide

The user’s language.

No need to select one.

Detailed targeting

facbook advertising

This option allows you to target a specific interest or behavior.

For example, you can target users interested in the product you’re selling or target users who use the 3G/4G connection type so as to get mobile carrier traffic only.


facebook advertising

You can reach people with a specific category.

There’s no need to specify one at this point of the Facebook ads campaign.


facebook advertising guide

We’re now approaching the placements option.

You can click on edit placements and choose mobile traffic.

Then, we suggest you choose Facebook traffic only.

Instagram and Audience Network traffic can be leveraged once you’ve got more experience since both have lower conversion rates.

On the advanced options, it’s intelligent to choose a specific operating system you wanna use.

You can also select between using only Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + 3G/4G


facebook advertising guide

you can also target people according to their work which they added in own bio,

Like i added affiliate marketer in my bio,

so when you can create the add campaign then there are also demographics targeting option

Facebook advertising will shown their ads to targeting peoples which they did target,

if i’m creating a campaign for new affiliate network

and i targeted in advert internet marketing in inside intrest so that ads will shown in only

that those peoples who added internet marketing affiliate marketing in their bio.


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