Create Free Blog With Blogspot Full Guide With Media Tutorial

Start A Blog With Blogger –

Free of Cost (2018)


In this guide,

I’ll share everything about Blogger with media content

Do you know should earn money to blogger?


What is Blogspot



Blogspot is free platform for create own free blog.

It was launched on 23 August 1999

It was developed by Pyra labs

Google bought blogger in year 2003 to Pyra labs



This the platform where you should create blog in free of cost. and it is very easy to manage, here you can share your stories, knowledge, experience and so many things to peoples.


What things you need to create proper blog on blogger ?


Gmail account

Blog name

Selection of good theme

posting content



How To Create Blog With Blogspot


blogger guide 2018

It is very easy to create blog in blogger, Follow these:



There you can see two options.

1st create your blog and 2nd in header Sign in.

Click on create your blog


You should also click on sign in they both will redirect in gmail account sign in page


Login your gmail account

If you don’t have gmail account then create new.

Learn here:  how to create gmail account


how to login blogger

After logging



Create Google plus or Blogger profile 

it will redirect you on Confirm Your Profile page

you can confirm or create new one

Note: this profile will shown in blogger (name)

There are two profile options 

Google plus and Blogger profile

so create any one.


google plus profile




Fill your name or blog name then click on Create Profile. and next select logo or pic for profile.




Now Your Profile is ready

Confirm it 

Click on Continue to blogger


Create New Blog

Your blogger or google plus profile is ready.

Now blog,

you need good title for blog and address for your blog and then selection of theme.



Blogger: create new blog

Add your blog title in title field and make sure your blog name is available in title and your blog niche (about what are you sharing) example: marketing, blogging, tricks and what ever so don’t forget to add this in title.



Make your blog address short and easy.

which are remember to visitors and readable

Below it will show you, your selected name is available or not if that is not available then choose different one.

blogger: address

If you adding address example: sampleblog then your blog address will be:




Select good theme for your blog which suits to your blog.

and make sure your selected theme is responsive.


You can browse theme if you have and also customize this later


Click on Create Blog


Now your blog is ready



How To Create Post/Content In Blog



Now your blog is ready.

create post in your blog

Click on New Post


create post in blogger



Post Title

Add your post title about what you want to share with peoples.

Title Example: How To Create Seo Friendly Content In Blog


This is post title, which will shown in google or social media when you can share this post there.



Content Writing

Add Heading in your 1st line of post

Don’t forget to add media in your content

Also add inbound and out bound links (internal and external)

And then write your paragraph to using different-different heading tags

content writing

If you know html the you should edit post in HTML section (if you want to edit customize post) otherwise edit it in compose section (its very easy to creating content)

Learn : SEO 

For getting more traffic through google (free)


Publish Content

1st preview it and

When you can publish content it will be visible for all


Save will be draft and preview is for checking post, publish for showing content to peoples



How To Earn Money From Blog?


Blogging guide

You have blog and want to earn money.

But here you need to follow these guidelines 

you should apply for Adsense on your blog but only when your blog is 6 months old and 10000 peoples are visited in your blog, only then you can apply adsense on your blog to earn money.


How to apply for Adsense in blogger

Open your blog go to > menu > earnings and apply

apply for adsense on blogger

Also learn how to qualify for adsense




There is so many things to edit in your blog

you should change theme, settings, checking stats, adding new posts and so many things.


Blog menu


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