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What is Accelerated Mobile Pages & how does it work

Accelerated Mobile Pages : This tool making mobile & SEO friendly content & post, it makes our page fully optimized and fast, google catch it very fast thats why it is SEO friendly.

Main Uses of AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) refer to a strategy of building web pages for static content.

There are three main parts of AMP:

  • AMP HTML, which helps build rich content
  • AMP JS library which renders AMP HTML pages
  • Google AMP Cache which caches AMP HTML pages

The primary purpose of AMP is to allow publishers to create content that loads instantly, therefore optimizing the user experience and avoiding the frustration that generally comes from lags in page loading.

Creating AMP HTML is fairly simple for someone who has the basic HTML knowledge.

There are numerous online tutorials and coding samples that provide instructions on how accelerated pages can be created.

AMP Download Plugin For WordPress

AMP download plugin

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it helping to improve your page CTR,RPM,CPC & bounce rate


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